Protect your greatest asset in business... Your team

Eliminate any unnecessary worry

Whether your company is large or small – whether you employ 5 or 500 people – your team is what makes your business. If a key member of your staff is struck down by an accident or unexpected illness, and has to take long-term sick leave, have you thought about how this would affect your business, both financially and in terms of productivity?

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You could be at risk financially

Employers are not always aware of what their responsibilities are when it comes to paying an employee who is off work sick. Some businesses do not have provision for unexpected accidents or illness, which could result in unbudgeted costs for a business, paying a staff member when they are unable to work over a long period of time. There is also the employee to consider, who may struggle financially if they exceed their sick pay period and are then only entitled to Statutory Sick Pay.

When it comes to sick pay, do you treat all staff the same? If not, you could be at risk financially.

Our cost-effective solution

That's why we have chosen to work with PG Mutual to provide a cost-effective solution to sick pay cover from as little as £15 a month per employee (or, if they are under 30 – even less!). This means that in the event of an employee falling ill or being injured, and being unable to work, we will pay them a monthly amount on top of Statutory Sick Pay – helping to save you money, and cover the cost of a replacement if needed.

Cover levels can be chosen to suit your needs and to ensure adequate incentive remains for staff to return to work. So, for an affordable monthly cost, the financial risk that comes with having to pay an employee indefinitely while they are on sick leave can be eliminated. To obtain a quote for cover click here or take a look at our guide to staff Income Protection Plus.

Please note any reference to 'We', 'Us' and 'Our'  is to PG Mutual, the Insurer for Income Protection Plus.

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